Rail Feeding Time

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Shoveler Pond

Storm Pressure effect on Egrets and Commarants

When Lee came ashore in Louisiana, the storm pressure affected the wadders to the extent they moved (evacuated) West to the Skillern tract of Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. The video is lengthy , the viewer will understand the amount of birds that don't normally travel all at once to another roost. Note the alligator activity in the water below the makeshift roosts.   The video starts before sun came up, The clouds were heavy, consequently light was very low.

Tishomingo "The Refuge"

 This video created by JoePBlackburn for a presentation to school children at the TNWR spring fiesta. 2017

My Photography

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Joe P. Blackburn


I've loved taking pictures since I was 12 years old. My start was in the B & W film media, mostly for fun. That was awhile ago. After a certain maturity, I worked weddings, quarter horse race tracks, State Fairs, Arabian Horse Shows with various small , medium, and large format cameras.